Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for e-commerce sites is understandably frustrating for online merchants. Google is consistently changing its search algorithm, and the results cannot be guaranteed nor predicted. Pay Per Click (PPC) is expensive and is getting more and more so every day. Nobody likes paying for something that has no guarantee of results—the only guarantee is that without SEO, your e-commerce site will definitely miss out on traffic, conversion, and sales. SEO is no longer a concoction of secret strategies, but rather is plainly laid out in Google’s Webmaster Guidelines; however, getting it done is still time consuming, as well as keeping up with the changes, to make sure your competition does not over take you once your SEO starts working. Luckily, VisionCourse Media knows your budget is tight, your doubts are high, and concerns are valid, and we have been able to prove that SEO is necessary and DOES WORK! Check out our blog for tips like SEO Basics and doing SEO on BigCommerce.

SEO Packages and Plans

We strive to provide our customers with the best in SEM and SEO service and to do this each of our SEO plans are custom tailored to each customers web sites goals. To achieve this, we evaluate each customer’s website needs and goals and based on this, we create a detailed plan to achieve these goals.

To get a feel of working with us on SEO/SEM we have created a Website Kick off package to optimize your homepage and get your site moving up in the Search Engine rankings. This is not a full website optimization rather only your websites homepage. During this process you will talk directly to our SEO Experts and learn about the SEO process as we optimize your websites homepage.


o Keyword Research
o Ensures the terms you go for have good searches and manageable competition
o See where you currently Rank for particular terms
o Competitive Research
o See what your competitors are doing to rank for terms you want to
o 30 Min Phone Consultation
o Optimization of Title Tags and Meta Description based on research results
o Content Creation and/or Optimization
o Search Engines place the highest value on content for onsite SEO
o Implementation within your websites homepage