Our Unique Web Design Process

With more than 20 years of cutting-edge ecommerce experience, VisionCourseMedia knows everything you need to successfully do business on the internet. Our expert staff of consultants, SEO strategists, marketing managers, content writers, designers, and programmers has the expertise to turn your ecommerce vision into a profitable reality Whether you’re a small business, start up, individual, or Enterprise Company looking to expand your online sales we can tailor a cost effective solution to fit your business needs.

Web Design Layout

Web Design Layout

1. Consult, Strategize and Plan:

We work with you to define what it is you need, what you’re looking for and what your customers are asking for. It is with all this information and knowledge that we are able to move onto the next steps and provide you with a detailed quote for your project. Once we have discovered what your site needs are we plan the design of your new site. This process is done in conjunction with one of our professional graphic designers and you. We discuss with you any needs identified during the discovery process and review them with our professional design questionnaire you are asked to fill out. We also plan out which additional pages and functionality your site will need to complete the site development. All this information creates the basic foundation that will become your new site design and development.

2. Design, Develop &Train

Since the best designed and functional websites are ones with the web owners consistent input, our design process is very hands on. Once we have created the initial design comp we send this to you for review. Once you receive the design comp, we look for as much critical feedback as possible; we do not want you to hold anything back regarding your comments and feeling about this design. We then make design changes based on your feedback and deliver a new comp again for review. This process repeats a few times until you’re satisfied with all aspects of the sites design and functionality being presented. 

Our Developers and development process follow a strict coding process utilizing all of today’s latest technologies to completely optimize your site. We take this code and run it through numerous compliance tester to ensure we have created the best code possible for your website, including site minimization, search engine optimization best practices, and more. After programming we rigorously test all work performed to ensure proper functionality. Upon passing our internal testing we work with you to review the site before going live. Once you’re satisfied with everything we then launch the site and provide you any needed training for using the new site.

VisionCourseMedia Provides:

  • Backend System Integration with Ecommerce Websites
  • Custom Inventory Management Solutions
  • Product Feed Integration Across Multiple Sales Channels
  • Customer Experience and Conversion Optimization
  • Bigcommerce, ProStores, Magento, 3D cart, WordPress Platform Experts