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Logo Creation

Your logo will leave a lasting impression on your customers. Have your logo leave a memorable imprint with our designs specifically created for your website, printing materials, etc.
Our talented designers take your vision and turn your logo into a part of your business you will want to share with your website visitors, networking groups, etc.

See our variety of logo designs on our Logo Portfolio page.

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It’s surprising how many web development and ecommerce marketing agencies don’t know the difference between “features” and “benefits”. These terms are complimentary, but by no means are they interchangeable. Many web development agencies present technical expertise, fewer offer strategic marketing skills,and hardly any provide creative content aptitude. VisionCourse does all three. From creating your unique selling proposition to designing direct marketing materials that compliment your website, we have you covered.

VisionCourse Media provides:

  • Email Marketing Services / Design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Brand Management
  • Business Cards
  • Content Writing
  • Sales Collateral
  • Company Letterhead
  • Company Marketing Materials
  • Quarterly/Annual Report Presentations
  • Power Point Presentations

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ProStores to Bigcommerce Migration

VisionCourse Media can help you with your data migration and data configuration needs.

Get your Free Bigcommerce Trial here, and lock in your Free Migration and Free 301 redirects for Bigcommerce.

Contact us today to find out how some basic SEO strategies will help increase the effectiveness of your platform migration.

With ProStores shutting down on February 1st, 2015 (If you have not read about this, you can find out more details within your ProStores administration), many ProStores merchants are looking at all options to keep their businesses running smoothly. Do not lose all the hard work and/or money you have put into your SEO and rankings over the years.

The list of different ecommerce options within the ProStores migration center really only has one option we recommend for about 98% of ProStores merchants, BigCommerce. Get your Free Bigcommerce Trial here, and lock in your Free Migration and Free 301 redirects for BigCommerce.

If you would like a personal evaluation by a certified ProStores partner, Magento partner and Bigcommerce Premium Partner please contact us today.

For 98% of the merchants out there, BigCommerce is going to be a better fit over the Magento Community Edition. A number of factors go into this determination; however, it comes down to you, the Merchant, being able to run your business efficiently for growth. Selecting the wrong platform can cause technical, growth, and support issues.

We have already migrated over 50 Prostores website to either Bigcommerce or Magento Community in the past 2 years.
Call today for an honest discussion about your options.

With most ProStores and Magento GO merchants looking to move to Bigcommerce or Magento CE, and the holiday season approaching, merchants really need to think about the right timeframe for moving.

Waiting to the last minute can cause a loss in data and additional stress if your design and programming cannot be moved in a short timeframe.  Historically, most merchants in migrations have waited to the end to move and either loses data, accrues extra costs, or adds extra stress to the process. We are recommending to merchants the following timelines to move, based on when your busy shopping season is.

1) My Busy season is now though the end of summer.

If you’re currently in the middle of your busy season, we recommend that you contact us to schedule your move in late August and September.  Starting the design migration and product migration after your summer busy season will allow you to focus on the migration at that time, as well as to learn the new ecommerce system before going live with it.

2) My Busy season is the holiday shopping season Nov-Dec.

If you rely on the holiday shopping season, this leaves you with the following two options.

Option 1.

Move your site and products ASAP to have your new site up and running for the holiday season.  If you want to not worry about moving during, or just after, the holiday season, we recommend you contact us today to begin your design and product migration. This will allow you to go live as soon as possible, giving you time to get used to the new system. Another advantage is it will shorten any rankings drop, and allow you to rebound before traffic and sales start to ramp up.

Option 2.

Move your Site design ASAP but wait on products till late in the holiday season or early January. Moving your design now will allow you time over the coming months to learn and become comfortable with the new interface before moving your products over.

When switching to a new platform, either BigCommerce or Magento, it is important to remember the following details to limit any loss of SEO rankings.

  1. When migrating products all old URL links need to be redirected to the new ones on the new platform.

    It is very important that 301 redirects are implemented on the new platform to tell the search engines that pages have moved, and to now remember this new page as the correct page to use going forward.  Your rankings will drop for a short period of time, but if done properly, your site should return to the search results within a few weeks.

  2. Move over all your same title tags and SEO content from the old website. Copying over your same Meta tag and on-page text information from the homepage, products pages, custom pages etc., is something that is often overlooked when getting a new design up and moving.
  3. Enhance your SEO on the new platform by taking advantage of any new and additional SEO features they have built in.
  4. Enhance your website’s readability and discoverability with site maps, Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Google Schema, etc.

By making sure you follow these steps above and taking advantage of new SEO features available in the platform your moving to, you can help prevent complete loss of SEO rankings on your website.


We provide services for the following labor intensive services:

  • Product Migration
  • Data Mining
  • Adding products to your Webstore
  • Listing on Market Places
  • Past Data Migration Projects
  • Ecommerce Platform migration to ProStores
  • ProStores to Magento Migration
  • Product copying from Manufacturers website to Webstore
  • Bigcommerce Product Additions
  • Product Transfer from Magento or ProStores to Bigcommerce
    And More…

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