Google is constantly changing its search algorithm and search programs. Two of the newest updates of 2016 include a core algorithm change and the elimination of API’s.Many SEO’s saw major changes in rankings from Google. After thinking this was a penguin update, Google came out and said it is not the anticipated Penguin update, but rather, the changes were due to a core algorithm change. So far, 2016 has seen several changes, and SEO’s and webmasters have been kept on their toes.Some things you can do that will resist Google algorithm changes are make sure your Homepage, category pages, subcategory pages, and product pages have appropriate title tags, meta descriptions, and optimized content; there is much more that goes in to SEO, but you should at least have those, or you WILL LOSE potential customers to competition who does this. Contact us for a free SEO analysis.Secondly, as of 15 February 2016, Google will be closing the following search API’s:

  • Google Patent Search API
  • Google News Search API
  • Google Blog Search API
  • Google Video Search API
  • Google Image Search API

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